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Arihant Education Foundation

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Dr. Narendra M. Kadu

Managing Director - Arihant Education Foundation


The goal of the Management of Arihant Education Foundation (AEF) is to make young generation knowledgeable, responsible and to inculcate in them a spirit of nationalism, universalism, humanism, & competitiveness.

With this aim in mind Arihant Education Foundation has started five colleges and two junior colleges in Pune. These colleges run various courses to provide a number of options to the students. This makes it possible for the student to select the course of their choice. The teachers are committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, hard working and caring towards students. The classes are held right from the first day of the commencement of the academic year. Regular teaching activity goes on till the conclusion of the term. A lot of personal attention is paid towards the students and they are thoroughly trained in chosen disciplines. Academic visits, job fairs, seminars, conferences etc arranged and students are encouraged and helped by the colleges to participate in these events. The colleges also organize cultural activities to widen the mental horizon of their students and also to provide opportunities to the students to exhibit their multi-faced talents.

The administrative staff of all colleges is quiet very cooperative and helpful. Smooth and efficient processing of administrative functions are matters is done carried out in the office. All the administrative activities are run always with a humanistic approach.

All the above mentioned commendable qualities of the colleges are only a tip of the iceberg. You may experience more of this if you become part of this institution.

I believe that certainly, it would be wonderful and fruitful experience to study in this institution. I, therefore, appeal to the students to become a part of our excellent institution and take an advantage of enriched academic environment, outstanding infrastructural facilities and achieve their academic, intellectual and cultural goals successfully.

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