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Rewire Your Brains With An – Affirmation

We are all familiar with the concept of self talk. Infact this internal dialogue is a habit which starts right from our childhood and impacts our various life experiences. Research reveals that 70% of our self talk is either negative or self critical. If these thoughts stay longer they gain power and affect the life of that person. It is vital to be careful of what goes into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind cannot differentiate reality from thoughts; hence it accepts your words as a description of reality and works towards it. How often do you tell yourself that it is difficult for me to acquire money, or I am not good enough, or things do not come to me easily, your subconscious mind accepts this and puts obstacles in your way.

  • Is there any way out?
    • Yes, Affirmations are sentences that are repeated often during the day and which sink into your subconscious mind, realizing its power to materialize your intention in the outside world. This does not mean every word you utter will bring results.
  • So how do affirmations work?
    • In order to get the subconscious mind to action, the words have to be said with
      1. Great attention
      2. Intention to receive &
      3. With feelings.
    • To obtain positive results affirmations have to be phrased with positive words.

  • Can I have a few examples?
    • Sure , Instead of saying
      1. “I am not weak anymore”, you could say
      2. “ I am strong and powerful”.
    • Though both sentences express the same idea , but in different words, the first one is a negative sentence and creates a mental image of weakness. The second one on the other hand creates an image of strength.

  • How do you use them?
    • It is not enough to say the affirmation a few times and then expect it to change your life. It is important to say it with attention, strong desire, faith and persistence. You also have to choose an affirmation right for your situation and feel comfortable with it. You could also use your power of creative visualization to strengthen it.
    • So , instead of repeating negative and useless words and phrases in your mind, why not choose an affirmation to help you choose the life you want?

Jaya Nagrani Assistant Professor

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